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N.C. Aery

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V. Verma

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V. Babu

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Kawal Gill and K.V. Bhanu Murthy

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Pathophysiology of Clinical Symptoms, Signs & Laboratory Parameters

Author :

Kanu E.O. Nkanginieme, Jude U Ohaeri, Muheez A. Durosinmi, Temitayo Shokunbi & Rosemary Ugwu



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756 (Full Four Color)

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8.5" X 11"

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About the Book

Pathophysiology, as the name implies, is a thinking process which addresses why and how a pathologic process alters structure [anatomy] or function [physiology] to generate symptoms or signs or abnormality in a given system, organ or laboratory parameter. A functional understanding and ability to analyse the pathophysiologic basis of symptoms, signs and laboratory parameters provides the base for integration of the basic and the clinical sciences and, thus, the foundation for logical and evidence-based learning and practice of medicine at the bedside. This textbook is a bold attempt to recapture that which is almost lost, especially among the younger basic medical scientists and clinicians. It is a collaborative effort from several institutions involving students, residents and medical specialists, who have appreciated the role of pathophysiology in medical thinking and are willing to document what they have learnt, as a guide to other learners. The contents of this book, which is ‘a work in progress’, will go a long way in facilitating the learning and appropriate use of pathophysiology of signs, symptoms and laboratory parameters of the eight bodily systems.


Part 1 : Pathophysiology of Clinical Symptoms 1. Cardiovascular System Disorders 2. Nervous System Disorders 3.Digestive System Disorders 4. Endocrine System Disorders 5. Genitourinary System Disorders 6. Haematologic System Disorders 7. Musculo-Skeletal System Disorders 8. Respiratory System Disorders

Part 2 : Pathophysiology of Clinical Signs 9. Cardiovascular System Disorders 10. Nervous System Disorders 11. Digestive System Disorders 12. Endocrine System Disorders 13. Genitourinary System Disorders 14. Haematologic System Disorders 15. Musculo-Skeletal System Disorders 16. Respiratory System Disorders

Part 3 : Pathophysiology of Laboratory Parameters 17. Cardiovascular System Disorders 18. Nervous System Disorders 19. Digestive System Disorders 20. Endocrine Disorders 21. Genitourinary System Disorders 22. Haematologic System Disorders 23. Musculoskeletal Disorders 24. Respiratory System Disorders.


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