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Fostering Human Values

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Mohan Bangaruswamy



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About the Book

This book provides a mechanism to use experiential learning to foster human values in individuals and organizations. It is meant for four categories of readers:

Prospective professionals undergoing higher studies of management,

Working professionals  updating their professional competence and managerial capabilities through long term courses  –  of two to three  years’ duration – in management,

Professionals, entrepreneurs, and institution builders  attending training and development programs of varying durations, and

Any of the above categories of persons attempting self learning in management.

The book contains theoretical constructs, empirical evidence and scope for the students / participants to utilize activities to learn. Various chapters end with a section titled ‘Points to Ponder’. This section consists of activities that can completed by an individual or a group.

Appendix II has mini case studies that can be utilized for discussing human values (or their counterpoint) that are at play by their being demonstrated. The counterpoint refers to the polarity of a value. These mini case studies can be utilized for discussion in a group setting or as a written assignment for an individual.



  1. Teaching Human Values: Transformation through Experiential Learning
  2.  Incredibility in Human Beings and Experiential Learning
  3.  Spandan Perspective
  4.  Shangrila’s Model of Change
  5.  Experiential Learning
  6.  Individual and Small Group Transformation
  7.  Change at Organization Level
  8.  Enhancing Self Awareness (Self & Small Systems)
  9.  Fostering Growth (Self & Small Systems)
  10.  Experiential Learning & Transformation
  11.  Entities and Change
  12.  Individual Contributor
  13.  First Line Manager
  14.  Manager of Managers
  15.  Senior/Top Management
  16.  Organization as an Entity
  17.  Spirituality and Management

About the Authors

Mohan Bangaruswamy received M.B.A. in Marketing from Madurai Kamaraj University in 1984 and has nearly three decades of experience in the areas of Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources and Service Delivery. He has worked with organisations such as Wipro, DCM and Apara.

He runs Shangrila Management Consulting Private Limited, a Bangalore based management consulting organisation. He has attended executive education program at the Kellogg School of Management in Illinois. He is also an alumnus of the Indian Society for Training & Development. He is member of Spandan Foundation for Human Values in Management and Society, Indian Society for Training and Development and National HRD Network. His first book, Practioner’s Guide to Training & Development, has been published by Ane Books.

Dr. G.P. Rao  holds  M.A.(Economics). P.G. Diploma in Management, IIM Calcutta and D.Phil on the thesis, Industrialisation and Worker Protest. Taught in IIM, Calcutta (1966-70), Panjab University, Chandigarh (1971-81) and had been Senior Professor and founding Head of Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai (1981-1997). His teaching, research, training and consultancy interests have been Managerial Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Human Values in Management.

The two major assignments which helped Rao obtain deeper insights in the field, have been Sir Ratan Tata Visiting Fellowship, MCHV, IIM, Calcutta (1995-96) on Human Values in Industrial Organisations – Feminine Perspective, and, the  AICTE Emeritus Fellowship (1999-2002) on Self Control as a Managerial Value. The initiative taken by the participating industrial organizations and management institutions in the AICTE Study led to the formation of Spandan as NGO – of which Rao has been Founder Chairman since its inception in 2001.

His  books  on Spandan (Hearbeat) approach, so far: Humanising Management: Transformation through Human Values: Ane Books, New Delhi, 2010. Remaking Ourselves, Enterprise and Society: An Indian approach to Human Values in Management, Gower Publishing, U.K., Jan. 2014.

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