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N.C. Aery

Plant Physiology, 2nd Edn.

V. Verma

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, 2nd Edn

V. Babu

India’s Service Sector : Emerging Perspectives

Kawal Gill and K.V. Bhanu Murthy

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Complex Analysis

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Pratiksha Saxena



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About the Book

This book has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the readers for conceptual excellence and analytically evident examples that would help understand the subject better. The basic concepts are well supported with explanatory graphs, solved and unsolved examples. To develop mathematical skills and bring about clarity of theorems, a large number of carefully graded exercises are given with working rulesand the step by step methods of problem solving. We hope this book is very useful for students as well as for academicians.


Salient Features

Comprehensively explained theorem proofs

Step by step solution of examples

220 solved examples

Figures and graphs for better representation of concepts



1. Pre-requisite.

2. Function, Limit and Continuity.

3. Complex Differentiation and Analytic Function.

4. Power Series.

5. Bilinear Transformation.

6. Conformal Mapping.

7. Complex Integration.

8. Zero and Singularities of A Function.

9. The Calculus of Residues.

10. Uniform Convergence of Sequence and Series.

11. Memomorphic Function.

Concept definition and explanation in easy language


About the Editor

Dr. Pratiksha Saxena, currently teaching at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Gautam Buddha university, Greater Noida, India, has to her credit three books published with international publishers besides several papers in international journals. She has developed several books for Maharshi Dayanand university and Calicut university. A Gold Medalist in her post-graduation, she was awarded the prestigious Book Pal Memorial award at university Level. She has three Copyrights/Patents for simulation tools. She has been teaching both graduate and post-graduate students for the last sixteen years. She is the editorial board member and reviewer for a number of journals. Her research interests are in the areas of application of non-linear programming, optimization, modeling and simulation.

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