Phytoremediation Of Contaminated Lands

N.C. Aery

Plant Physiology, 2nd Edn.

V. Verma

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, 2nd Edn

V. Babu

India’s Service Sector : Emerging Perspectives

Kawal Gill and K.V. Bhanu Murthy

Protected Area Environments – Airflow, Comfort and Habitability

Satyjit Ghosh, Dhruv G Arvind, Siddhartha Mukherjee

Air Pollution and Climate Change in South Asia : Issues, Impact and Initiatives

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Umesh Kulshrestha



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About the book

The issues of air pollution and climate change have been the highlights of global media because of public concern. Scientific findings have established that the present climate change is a reality and not a hype any more. This book addresses the problem of air pollution responsible for climate change with a critical analysis of various aspects as given in different chapters. The book describes the sources of air pollution, drivers of climate change, impact of air pollution, regional resilience, deposition of air pollutants to various ecosystems, demographic shift and mitigation options for air pollution and climate change. It specifically highlights the global warming consequences in Indian region. All the chapters of this book have been written by the young and budding researchers.



  1. Introduction
  2. Air Pollution Sources
  3. Air Pollution in Megacities
  4. Air Pollution from Fireworks and its Impact on Air Quality and Health
  5. Indoor Air Pollution During Traditional Cooking and its Socio-Economic Impacts on Rural Population in North India
  6. Atmospheric Deposition and Ecosystem Sensitivity
  7. Estimation of Emission from Crop Residue Burning; Study Over North-West India During Harvesting Season
  8. Impact of Air Pollution on Plants
  9. Drivers of Climate Change
  10. Regional Climate Resilience
  11. Climate Change and Demographic Shift
  12. Human Induced Calamities
  13. Climate Change Mitigation
  14. Climate Change: Managing Impacts Through Policies
  15. Summary

 About the Editor

Dr Umesh Chandra Kulshrestha is a Professor at the School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is also the Director, Tran- disciplinary Research Cluster at JNU, and Deputy Director, South Asian Nitrogen Center, New Delhi. His research interests include Chemistry and Climate Change, Air Pollution Monitoring, Atmospheric dust and depositions, Transport and Chemical Transformations, Chemistry of Rain and Snow, Reactive Nitrogen, Air Pollution Biomonitoring etc. He has been associated with various international and national programs on atmospheric sciences including INDOEX, ABC, IGAC-DEBITS-CAD, CAAP, Surya and ICARB etc. Prof Kulshrestha is a recipient of a number of awards viz. START Young Scientist Award by IGBP-START, USA, Thomas Kuhn Honor Pin by IUAPPA and International Academy of Sciences, CSIR Young Scientist Award, and M S Krishnan Gold Medal by Indian Geophysical Union (IGU). He has been a reviewer of IPCC AR5 and Review Editor of WMO/UNEP Integrated Assessment Report on Black Carbon and Ozone 2011. He has been a Guest Editor for Advances in Meteorology. He has been associated as Editorial Board member with the J Indian Geophysical Union, IORE J Environmental Science, Energy Environment and Carbon Credits, Indian J Chemistry-A. He is a Review Editor for Frontiers in air pollution. Prof. Kulshrestha is a Fellow of Indian Geophysical Union. He has co-authored three books

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